150 Million Naira Bail; 70 Million Naira Bail: “Anyone” is not “THEM!”

150 Million Naira Bail; 70 Million Naira Bail: “Anyone” is not “THEM!”

Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu does not cease to rub it on our face point blank, at every opportunity, that she is not the one sitting in the Judge’s seat each time she unscrupulously pronounces her ruling against Sowore and Mandate. It is the hand of Jacob but the voice of Esau.

In her ruling over Sowore and Mandate’s application for bail variation today, 21st of October, she maintained that she found it difficult to believe that Sowore, a man of such pedigree could not have anyone to deposit N50 Million naira for him, and subsequently “reduced” the bail conditions to 50 million naira and 20 million naira for the respective of Sowore and Mandate. We need to be clear here. On one hand, Justice Ojukwu, perhaps out of undeniable conscience remaining in her, admits Sowore as a man of pedigree, but on the other hand, out of what seems more like an unscrupulous pressure from above, mischievously thought anyone could have deposited 100 million naira as it then was. Apparently she is not the one doing the decision, but only talking the work.

How bad, we are in a country where Judges feel “anyone” could just have and spare fifties of million naira. What an orientation! An orientation held by members of “ikoko obe politics” (Hot pot of soup politics) where “anyone” goes to serve himself depending on how big his spoon is, scoops anyhow. Alas! Our Judge is not treating corruption and embezzlement case, but a matter of democracy and human rights twisted into criminal charges. We are still dumbfounded for the rationale behind the induced millions of naira as a major bail condition for ordinary citizens.

Justice Ojukwu knows better of those who can deposit 50 million naira without feeling a pinch! We know “them!” Those of whom our National budget (hot pot of soup) has allocated 2.23 billion naira to as entitlement for being former heads of state and former Presidents. We know “them!” We know those who can receive 10.5 billion naira bail out fund and to speedily squander it on fleets of G-Wagon cars for electioneering campaign! We know them, they can easily dash out such amount. We know them, one of such is the Governor that has refused to explain what happened 500 million naira said to be earmarked for the floating of a bank, only to charge journalist with treasonable felony after asking for explanation. Those who receive millions of naira and outrageous allowances from our budget, they are in the National Assembly making policies to tax the blood in us! We know them! They could have afforded it!

To hold that anyone could have just deposited 50 million naira anyhow is a terrible and almost a corrupt orientation from our court, which is supposed to be a check for accountability, and supposed to hold objective opinion with verifiable facts.
70 million naira bail bond remains a ransom to release Sowore and Mandate who were only earlier abducted. 50 million naira being thought could be deposited anyhow by Justice Ojukwu is the same amount being demanded by Kaduna kidnappers to free a whole Deputy Commissioner of Police! They want to make a fortune with such amount! We don’t know what the court and government plan to do with that of Sowore.

We are not “them” that can corruptly afford it. We are the “anyone”. Anyone is not them!


Gbenga Oloniniran- ‘Von’

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