RETALIATION: Okada youths shutdown Benin-Ore Highway, kill Fulani Herdsman

RETALIATION: Okada youths shutdown Benin-Ore Highway, kill Fulani Herdsman

Yesterday, along Benin-Ore road, at Okada junction, the corpse of a yet to be identified young woman was seen on the road, one of her legs has been chopped off, while her face was butchered with machetes beyound recognition.

Youths of the Okada community told TOWN CRIER that the woman was gang raped by members of the Fulani Herdsmen, and in response to what they described as “a dare”, the Okada youths brought the Benin-Ore highway to total gridlock, as they set fire along the road, depriving vehicles from either coming in or going out of the community, and in their multitude, they fiercely marched out in retaliation against any found Fulani herdsmen.

For about three hours, travelers were left stranded and uncertain of their safety, following the shutdown of the road and face-off between the youth community and the Fulani herdsmen.

The youths who were seen armed with kitchen knives, daggars, matchets and planks. While the fulanis fled to escape the retaliation, an unlucky one was apprehended and horribly murdered.

Via her Twitter handle, an eyewitness posted about the retaliation, as she called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene:

“Buhari should do something about Fulani herdsmen in Edo state !!! The killings and kidnapping is becoming too much 😭😭😭… my mouth can’t say what I just saw.
Okada boys are not even ready to be pacified!! We are going to be here for a long time.”

She went further to recount how two of her friends were kidnapped by the Fulani Herdsmen who later released them after huge sum of money had been paid.

“This same herdsmen has kidnapped 2 of my fiends in the space of three months. The first paid about 3 million and the second one that happened paid 10million naira just last weekend in this same Okada village oooo… Edo state government should Pursue all this ppl abeg.”

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