UNIBEN Suicide: 300 level #Christabel found dead after drinking sniper

UNIBEN Suicide: 300 level #Christabel found dead after drinking sniper

A student of the University of Benin, yesterday, alledgely committed suicide, over a yet to be identified reason.

The deceased who has been identified as Christabel was a 300 level student of the Medical Laboratory Science, at the school of Basic Medical Science, University of Benin.

TOWN CRIER gathered that the news of Christabel’s death broke out when her roommate returned from lectures, knocked their door, but there was no response. After knocking severally without any response, she (the roommate), out of fear, called the attention of her neighbours who forced the door opened, only to see Christabel’s lifeless body sharing the same floor with an empty sniper can.

Meanwhile, a paper containing two notes addressed to the deceased’s sister and the deceased’s best friend was found beside the corpse.

What is currently making waves in the public space is that Christabel committed suicide due to a heart break that she had suffered from her male lover. However, a classmate of the deceased anonymously told TOWN CRIER that nothing in the notes suggests such claim.

“Christabel’s death is a tragic news. What is more tragic is the unfounded information being sold to the public. Where did the argument of heart break come from? I saw and read the notes, myself. In fact, they are currently with the police.

Christable’s body (laying lifeless)

“Christabel had obviously written them before she drank the sniper and took her own life. Nothing in that note talked about any male lover. One of the notes was addressed to her best friend, while the other was to her own sister. She was expressing how much she loved them and, importantly, advising them to desist from their wrong ways of life.

“Both persons, who she wrote her last notes to, were females. Again, I’m asking, where did the argument of heart break come from? Everyone who knows Christabel knows that she was too devoted to her christian life than prioritising a male lover. If she wasn’t inviting you to fellowship, she would be talking to you about the essence of a moral living,” she said.

“I know her very well. She’s my classmate and I have known her since our first year in this University of Benin. Christabel used to be accademically serious and very brilliant, until our second year, when she slowly but steadily became a shadow of herself,” another student told TOWN CRIER.

“I have always suspected that she was depressed about a certain issue that she wasn’t telling anyone. I think she was financially depressed. I am aware that she has a lot of academic bills on her neck that she hasn’t paid and examination is around the corner. She hasn’t paid for her Log Book. We were both in the same group and whenever she came to the laboratory, she wore a gown different from ours because she couldn’t buy the appropriate gown. This, she’s regularly sanctioned for, that she began to skip attendance. But how does killing herself a good option?” he added.

Officers of the Nigeria Police Force, Ugbowo division, Edo state, reportedly evacuated her corpse to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital mortuary, while TOWN CRIER confirmed that the notes purportedly written by the deceased are currently in the custody of the Ugbowo Divisional Police Officer.

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