DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Where is Saude Kuti, wife of a Nigerian soldier?

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Where is Saude Kuti, wife of a Nigerian soldier?


Ezekiel Kuti – Burned with hot iron

The sad story of domestic violence you are about to read was reported by a Twitter user, @Opomulero_007: This is Ezekiel Kuti. He stays with his dad and step mother at Owode onirin opposite old Barack in Lagos. His step mother use hot electric iron on his face.









Saude Kuti

This is the face of the wicked step mother please help bring her to justice ..she believe she is above the law because her husband (Ezekiel dad) is a military man.










This is the father of the boy who refuse to do anything or say anything about the issue …he is a military man ..I guess he believes he is above the law save little Ezekiel he is just 10 years old.








Babatunde Kuti

The name of the step mother is Saude Kuti she is from Benin Republic and the boy father is Babatunde Kuti from Ogun state..this is not the first time this is happening if u listened to what Ezekiel said in the video but the husband keep using his military power to protect her.







The last time she abused Ezekiel immediate sister ..she was arrested and she sighed undertaken that such won’t repeat itself again ..Each time we try to get justice, her husband keep using is Military power and connection to get her free and justify.

This is another person who knows the boy very well and testify why they chased the woman out of their former barracks before they moved to Owode onirin in Ogun state.

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