Sanusi; Understanding the State

Sanusi; Understanding the State

The state has no friend no tribe no language no culture no religion and all other divide rule tactics, use against the genuine interest of the masses.

The state has only one interest The Economy (Resource control) interest and political interest, the political interest is the protector of the economy interest, therefore to ensure the economy interest is ‘ SAVE ‘ those who control and influence the political space MUST be fellows of the same interest ( Economy).

The Northern society most especially the Hausa states from culture and historical perspective,there is no love lost between the leadership the masses,there is no bond between the leadership and the talikawas (poor), outside the quantitative electoral value the latter posses. the space is open, no one cares how you make it to the top,if you make it fine, if not who cares, that is how Allah wants it.

Those before Sanusi, are Emirs of chop and chop and are core bred of the social cultural life briefly explain above, they align with the state as far as the emirate account is getting it shares as at due date.

But Sanusi exposure makes him unsettle,He finds it difficult to understand why so much wealth in the emirate and much more poverty outside the emirate,from day one the outspoken Sanusi started calling for a balance and measures to reduce the gab, speaking against it, at every fora, whispering it to the ears of those who care to listen, With his interest differ from that of the State, and the state as earlier said has no friend, once there is a shift of interest you are tag ENEMY either mark for elimination or cut down. In case of Sanusi option two is the way, only a bird with wings fly miles.

Let us remind the state, that Sanusi is like a messenger you can attempt to pull down the messenger like Judas did to Jesus but you can’t ignore the message for long. The message here is that this system with one hand of few men and so much wealth and another hand of countless men with abject poverty can not be sustain for long. It is better we start addressing it now before it start addressing us.

By Ola Olawale.

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