13 days after Kolade Johnson, police reportedly kill another young Nigerian, shoot male companion to coma

13 days after Kolade Johnson, police reportedly kill another young Nigerian, shoot male companion to coma

While Nigerians are still struggling hard to recover from the national trauma caused by the extra-judicial killing of Kolade Johnson, officers of the Nigeria Police Force have pulled another trigger. Jessica was shot dead last night. While Kolade was killed at age 36. Jessica was only 20 years old.

A Nigerian popular rapper, Ruggedman, who reported the death in a tweet said another innocent Nigerian youth, a 20-year-old girl, has been killed in Ajegunle, Lagos State.

RuggedMan alledged that the lady was shot dead by officers of the Nigeria Police Force, while the young man who was with her on that fateful night was also shot and currently in a very critical condition.

“Men of the @PoliceNG have killed another innocent Nigerian youth. They killed a 20 year old girl in Ajegunle while the boy that was with her was also shot and is fighting for his life. We demand the death sentence.” RuggedMan tweeted.

Via a Facebook post by one Melisa Divine (an acclaimed friend of the deceased), the slained girl has been identified as Jessy (Jessica) Gold.

Male Companion

As reported by Mr. Segun Awosanya otherwise known as Segalink, Jessica and her male companion were coming from a club last night when policemen from Trinity police station Ajegunle began an indiscriminate pursuit and shooting, which resulted to the extra-judicial killing of Jessica.

“The 20 year old girl died on the spot, while the young man is hospitalized in dire condition. They were coming from club last night, as alleged when police chased them, double crossed them and shot the guy while the lady in question was shot twice,” Mr. Segun Awosanya said.

Although the young man is currently undergoing intensive treatment in an undisclosed hospital, his chances of survival is uncertain.

Speaking to TOWN CRIER, an anonymous based in Ajegunle who claimed to have heard gun shots on the fateful night, expressd deep bitterness over the murder of Jessica and the terrible condition of her companion, saying they may have been coming from a club show organized by Club J5, a popular lounge and bar in the Olodi-Apapa area.

“God! No wonder! I heard gun shots around Club J5. Victor AD had a performance there (Club J5) on Friday. Perhaps, the poor girl and her man were coming from the show, when the policemen did their usual job. This is tragic. Are we sure there’s hope for this country?” she lamented.

Meanwhile, thirteen days after the popular #JusticeForKolade online campaign, Jessica’s murder is gradually sparking up another online outbursts from Nigerian youths against what appears to be an uncontrollable extra-judicial killing of Nigerians by officers of the Nigeria Police Force.

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