By: Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo



There’s absolute darkness in the entire Ijesaland. The woeful story of the good people of Ijesaland is similar to the biblical story of Esau (Nigerians) who ate porridge and sold his inheritance to Jacob(IBEDC). That’s the biblical story but the story of Ijesaland and IBEDC still goes on. Whenever there’s a little fight between the duo, Jacob (IBEDC) would clear all pots of porridge and ensure that the sons and daughters of Esau (Nigerians) went on hunger strike. Sons and daughters of Esau are suffering because of the selfishness and avariciousness of their fathers.

What exactly went wrong? Some group of aggrieved youths who have spent larger days of a month in darkness with unstable power supply woke up one day to see exorbitant bills of IBEDC. Like average Nigerians, they gathered in numbers and went to the head office of IBEDC to protest against the rate at which IBEDC exploits them. A staff of the IBEDC was allegedly beaten and wounded in the course of protest.

Just like management of institutions who proscribe union bodies whenever there’s a protest, IBEDC spoke in clear terms too and cut-off power supply across six (6) local governments across Ijesaland. If a union is suspended in any Nigerian institution, officers and student’s leaders beg management for resuscitation of the union and any other attempt than this deepens the situation. IBEDC authorities were expecting apologies and usual beggings from the public and possibly sign undertaking that there would be no so action again from the public and they will restore the light too. Is their really a resemblance between IBEDC and School authorities? YES… It’s the Nigerian character that befalls any Nigerian in leadership positions.

Some set of students cause riots in school, you ban the union and close the school. Some set of youths protest against exorbitant bills with less or inadequate power supply, you cut-off the entire power supply of a whole zone with six local governments. The attack on the staff of IBEDC is wrong but the brutal attack on innocent users is totally insane. This is heights of irresponsibility.

Some group of educated ones filed a court case against IBEDC and within few hours, IBEDC recieved an order to restore power supply across six (6) local governments with immediate effect. As some people were rejoicing over the decision of the courts, I was laughing at a corner of my room because IBEDC is like Nigerian government, they will subvert the order of the court at the expense of their gains. They did not only ignore the rights of the people to have access to power supply, they ignored the rights of the court to give order and stepped on the integrity and authority of the court. Nigeria is just too useless to be a nation.

Six (6) local governments? There are first-class kings, captains of industries and top profile politicians in this zone yet they disconnected this zone from the world. What can kings do to avert or stand in defense of their public? Kings who have used their white Agbadas to do politics, get into mud, use free power supply or lesser charges. If you know the debts of some kings at IBEDC only then will you understand why majority keep mute and watch helplessly how their people suffer in silence?

Don’t shy away from reality. That’s my response to my brother in comradeship who’s everywhere citing laws and rules to be enforced by leaders in government, the same people who ate porridge and sold your brithrights. I laugh at times whenever I see Nigerians writing opinions based on laws of the land especially with respect to the rule of law. I try my best to tell these people that this is Nigeria where nothing works at all.

Ceaseless agitations cannot restore Ijesaland electricity. Court orders cannot restore it. Protests cannot restore it. Call on your white Agbada kings, communities leaders, political office holders, representatives of youth’s community, women, organisations, aged ones and the whole people of Ijesaland. You all should go and appeal, beg, prostrate and appeal to IBEDC big boss and staffs that you all are very sorry that some sons and daughters of Ijesaland protested against exorbitant bills and unstable power supply. All men should prostrate and all women should kneel down, they should hold the legs of the big boss of IBEDC and beg her for the restoration of lights in Ijesaland because your leaders have eaten porridge and they have sold your birthrights.

If the owners of the morning pray for IBEDC and corrupt individuals in our society, the owners of the night will turn all prayers to curse. Ori gbogbo wa ti gba le danu.

Radarada. O si robo fe di ye ke….

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  1. This is outrithtly wrong… So IBEDC have become the judge and the jury… This are injustice that happen in our society, and the very worst we can do is to do nothing.
    Those protesters who beat up staffs should be arrested , protest no be war

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