$90 billion LOOT: With an hijab, Diezani caught disguising in London

The Nigeria Twitter Application went agog minutes after a Nigerian based in the UK released pictures alledgely claiming to be that of Mrs. Allison Madueke, Nigerian former Minister of Petroleum.

The Twitter user said she sighted the embattled former minister at London, who unsuccessfully attempted dodging being snapped.

@osquare78 tweeted:

“Guess who I just saw in NW, London? Diezani Alison Madueke. When she noticed I wanted to snap her, she quickly moved very fast away from me. I was gonna come down to ask her abt our yams, but the traffic was moving.”

This has however generated a lot of discussion on the Twitter App. as Nigerians have begin to wonder what the government has done so far in prosecuting Madueke and recovery Nigeria’s funds kept in foreign countries.

Diezani Alison-Madueke, served under former president Goodluck Jonathan from 2010 to 2015 and was Nigeria’s first female minister of petroleum resources. She has been accused of corruption and misappropriation of the country’s funds during her administration.


Since leaving office in 2015, Alison-Madueke has been implicated in bribery, fraud, misuse of public funds, and money-laundering cases in Nigeria, Britain, Italy and the United States.

The former minister is alleged to have stolen at least U.S.$90 billion from the state.

Meanwhile, the chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu had months ago disclosed during a media chat in Abuja that foreign law enforcement agencies were protecting Madueke from being arrested.

He said:

“I need less than 72 hours to produce Diezani but how can I get her? She is being protected by other law enforcement agencies outside this country. This is our predicament. If she were here, I would have arrested her.”

“The barrier is that other law enforcement agencies are involved in the matter. You know she is in the UK and we are making preparations to get her. We have already gone to court and this was part of the process of extradition; that is the court should declare that a warrant of arrest is issued against her and that we produce her within 72 hours.” he added.

Blaming the role played by certain foreign authorities in frustrating the prosecution against Madueke, Magu stated that more than 80 percent funds belonging to Nigeria, looted by Madueke, is still being withheld by foreign authorities.

In his words:

“More than 80 percent of the loot outside the country is still hanging. Ask them why it is so difficult to repatriate these funds when it has been established that this money came from Nigeria and you know that this person does not own this money. There is no justification. It is not a small amount of money. We have over $300m hanging in Jersey Island, a UK foreign territory.”

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