POLICE BRUTALITY: Exclusive interview with Saheed Akinboye

Yesterday, TOWN CRIER had an exclusive interview with Mr. Saheed Akinboye, the young man who had is arm and leg fractured by CSP Odutona Rotimi, the Divisional Police Officer of the Ijora-Badia Police station.


TC: Am I speaking to Mr. Saheed Akinboye?

Mr. Saheed: Yes.

TC: I am calling from @town_crierng. We heard the incident that happened to you. We would like to ask you few questions concerning the incident that happened to you.

Mr. Saheed: Can I speak to you in yoruba language?

TC: Why not. You can speak in yoruba. What really happened and what’s the current state of things now?

Mr. Saheed: What happened was that I am into the business of chair rentage. On Sunday (20th Jan. 2019) I rented out some chairs to someone who needed them for a graduation ceremony. The celebrant urged that we ended on time and before seven o, clock, we had ended and arranged the chairs.

However, the next street to us, a terrible fight had broke out there and police officers rushed down to the scene, chasing the fighters helter skelter. You know when police men chase fighters, they run into different places. Police entered our street, searched everywhere, but found out that there was none of the joodlums there.

As they turned their vehicle to drive out of our street, the chairs that I had arranged on one side, they evacuated them into their van and took them to the station. So, immediately i called the man who organized the party and his wife and explained how the police had carted away with my chairs to them. They advised I held on till the following day which was Monday.

On Monday morning, they had went to the police station to recover the chairs. But the police insisted that the owner of the chairs be invited. That was when they called me to meet them up at the police station.

When I got to the police station and identified myself as the one who rented out the detained chairs, then he asked me to come inside, he took me before the D.P.O and as soon as he told the D.P.O that I was the one who owns the chairs that were detained, what I saw was that the D.P.O just carried the stick beside him, the kind of stick that has lump and used to tie cows from Kano, he began to hit the stick on my arm and leg while he was chasing me all about the station whose gate has been locked against me.

He was chasing me and flogging me with the stick and I had no means of escape because they had locked the gate against me. As I was struggling to run to the gate and attempt to get it opened, his officers threw their legs against mine and I helpless fell to the ground. As he was about dashing the stick against my head, I began to use my hand to guard my head and when he realized that my hand and my leg had been fractured, they opened the gate while he continued dashing the stick against me. I managed to crawl out of the station premise.

Outside of the station, I fell to the ground. It was traders around who poured water on me and cared for me. When I noticed that my hand and leg could not be raised again, the celebrant hired tricycle that carried me to an orthopedist. Throughout that Monday I could not stand up from the ground at all because my fractured bones gave me excruciating pains.

I didn’t see my phone again and I couldn’t find the money I had in my pocket again, my footwear, writstwatch, I can’t find any of these properties of mine again.

TC: How much was the money in your pocket?

Mr. Saheed: I had eighty thousand naira in my pocket, drawn from all the money I had generated from sales of chair and canopy rentage on that fateful morning and the money paid for my service because I am also do furnishing business. I could find the money again.

TC: What steps have you taken since the incidence occurred?

Mr. Saheed: Well, there’s no actual step that we have taken really. Although, I was informed that the organizer of the party and his wife were taking action.

TC: What is the name of the police officer who beat you up?

Mr. Saheed: It is the D.P.O himself. They call him Rotimi… Rotimi Daniel. He’s the D.P.O. They just brought him to Ijora. He hasn’t used up to two months here.

TC: What has he now done after the incidence?

Mr. Saheed: He hasn’t done anything. My chairs are still in the station at this very moment I’m speaking with you.

TC: He hasn’t given your chairs back to you?

Mr. Saheed: He hasn’t given me back. In fact, the community leaders paid him a visit to testify to my good social conduct. But the D.P.O shunned the leaders and dared them to go and take whatever action they care to take.

TC: So, what do you now want the government or the Nigerian people to do to this now?

Mr. Saheed: I’m calling out for help. I had committed no wrong. I want all my missing money to be recovered and the money I used to treat myself. And my chairs and my phone. That what I want. I am yet to get my health back since that brutal beaten. I’m still at the place of the orthopedist treating me.

TC: Alright. Thank you for speaking with us. We will be calling you again.

Mr. Saheed: Okay, sir.

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