BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen abduct Italian aid worker in Kenya

TOWN CRIER has gathered that a group of unidentified gunmen have abducted an Italian woman working for an aid organisation in south-east Kenya.

The men, reportedly armed with rifles, “fired indiscriminately” before taking the 23-year-old volunteer from an area in Kilifi County. A number of people were also reportedly wounded and were taken to a hospital.

The Kenyan police said that the reason for the attack and the identity of the attackers are yet to be established.

Details later…

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  1. It is too painful that a Volunteer is abducted. I do not know what the globe is really turning into. A Volunteer by its ordinary definition is a person who bring up him or herself for the service of others. He who is ready to make sacrifices for sake of others:, a person that will be awake while others are at deep sleep in order to correct one abnormality and other. Why abduct such sacred person? The United Nation or any other body that engaged the Volunteer should endeavor to hastily work out his release, such prompt action will send positive signal to other Volunteers anywhere. May Yahweh keep the Volunteer safe and help for his release. Halleluyah

  2. Volunteers suppose to be treated with caution. We do not know what the globe is becoming. How can Volunteers who make themselves available to handle people’s problems be so maltreated. The United Nations or any group that contract must endeavor to lastly act for his or her release. The prompt action will strengthen other Volunteers in various fields and nations. May Yahweh help the abducted person and release him as well. Halleluyah.

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